Monocacy Music Factory, A division of the award winning mobile Disc Jockey service, The Dapper DJs. Was born to fill a need for brilliant DJs that are capable of delivering extraordinary service to their clients.  The Dapper DJs were already training talent in house over the past several years. Grooming new team members to be the ultimate event and wedding professionals from the ground up.  We’ve learned a lot and we saw an opportunity to expand our training and share our knowledge of what works with the community at large.

Our vision is to increase the professionalism of the industry overall. We’re raising the bar on talent so consumers know what to expect from quality entertainers! Soon the profession can shake the ugly stigma of your stereotypical DJ in a ill fitting 1990’s tuxedo pushing buttons and slinging CDs.  We’ll do that through mentoring and apprenticeship programs.  We recruit train and develop talent to give you amazing DJs and Emcees.  The talent that leaves Monocacy Music Factory has successfully completed our training programs and earned our seal of approval.

We offer regular seminars, one on one training sessions, apprenticeship opportunities, and live event shadowing. If you’ve got the gumption and the desire, we’ll give you the skills and opportunities to become successful in this exciting line of work.

Booking talent with Monocacy Music Factory:

Talent offed at Monocacy Music Factory are the pick of the litter. Their in our final stage of our program. they’ve shadowed with the best.  Their equipment is state of the art.   It’s real on the job training and they are getting paid.  With that in mind we can offer their services are a very competitive rate. We manage the talent and make sure it’s a good fit. We’ll give our talent everything they need to rock your event!

For more info please reach out to us